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Double bachelor's degree: Degree in Veterinary Medicine and Degree in Animal Science and Production    

In the academic year 2015-16 a double degree in Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science and Production at the School of Agricultural and Forestry Science and Engineering (ETSEA) was started at the University of Lleida, something unique to Catalonia and Spain.

This Double Degree represents the consolidation of the trajectory of the ETSEA in offering higher education studies within the field of Animal Science, Production and Health. The Degree in Animal Health and Science, also unique to Catalonia and Spain, was launched in the academic year 2008-09. Throughout this duration the tuition given, including practical training, yielded excellent quality assessment scores. Half of the degree holders have started a career and the remainder have continued with their education, specialising in a Master’s Degree or carrying on with Veterinary Medicine studies. The changes made to the Degree in Animal Health and Science has led to the current Degree in Animal Science and Production, giving way to the designing of a six-year Double Degree, in combination with Veterinary Medicine.

The Double Degree in Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science and Production combines the studies that qualify for the Veterinary Medicine practice and to manage farm animals, especially regarding technical, economic, business and health management, with the aim of obtaining safe, quality, profitable and environmentally friendly end products./p>

Apart from theoretical specialised training the education offered in the Double Degree also includes practical activities in small groups and allows for closer contact with the sector. Placements last one semester and include practical work in farm related businesses, clinical rotation, veterinary hospitals and slaughterhouses. Therefore, degree students will benefit from this comprehensive training that will ensure them a career in their preferred professional sector.